Debbie Tea is an Indonesian-born, Bali-based photo artist and illustrator. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and was selected as one of the New Dutch Photography Talents in 2013. Tea has joined numerous photography exhibitions around the world, including the prestigious Singapore International Photography Festival in 2014. She has also been featured on NOT TODAY Magazine, WERK x COMME des GARÇONS publication and Eloquence Magazine Korea, to name a few. For her work, "Sputnik Sweetheart," she received the special Asia Creative Award by ACN Japan in 2015.

She moved to Bali in Summer 2014 to start PANTAINANAS, a genderless art label that combines her love of graphic prints with clean lines and simple patterns. These elements, mixed with the objects and stories that happen around her are created with her signature bold lines and minimalist approach in monochromatic designs.

The island's raw vibes, deep-rooted culture, mystical air, and diverse community play an important role in the core of PANTAINANAS. They influence Debbie's work in blending and twisting traditional, tropical elements with and modern touch which result in a collection of 'walking contrast' pieces that are only for the bold to wear.


Each of our products is made, crafted and printed by ourselves, which makes them limited edition and costs a bit more. We are a very small team of intensely passionate people who strives to give the best of what we love and believe in. In order to deliver the finest-quality fabric goods and prints, we also work closely with our fellow printmakers, while phone cases are made by order and manually printed one by one by Debbie Tea, herself.