"Crux Sacra, Non Draco" - Candela Batwing Tee

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"Crux Sacra, Non Draco" is based on a recent ordeal which led me to sessions of prayers with my loved one which becomes an inspiration for this collection.

St. Benedict, who initiated 'Ora et Labora'/ 'Pray and Work' viewed prayer and work as partners. He believed in combining contemplation with action. On his medal, a latin prayer was carved: "Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux! Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux!" (May the holy cross be my light! May the dragon never be my guide!). The medal is used by Roman Catholics to ward off spiritual and physical dangers, especially those related to evil, poison, and temptation since the 15th century. Sometimes carried as part of the rosary, it is also found individually.

Oversized Unisex Batwing Tee. Screen-printed by hands on 100% Cotton. Soft and lightweight.

Black w/ Eco-friendly white print
White w/Eco-friendly black print

S/M : 74 x 77 cm
L/XL : 80 x 83 cm

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