"Dreams & Letters" Multifunctional Fabric, IDR 250,000

"Dreams & Letters" Multifunctional Fabric, IDR 250,000

"Dreams & Letters" Multifunctional Fabric is based on my experience of having a lucid dream about psychic reading and premonition. In my dream, an unknown individual showed me these symbols which supposedly depict what's coming in my life, in the very near future.

"Dreams & Letters" Multifunctional Fabric is my personal tribute to mark the 2nd anniversary of PANTAINANAS which falls on every 12 December. :)

*Limited edition of 8 pieces only for each color. Full screen-printed by hands on dyed cotton fabric
*Can be worn very nicely as Neckerchief or Bandana

Black w/ Eco-friendly white print
Rice White w/ Eco-friendly black print
Ladybug Red w/ Eco-friendly white print
Mustard Yellow w/ Eco-friendly white print
Muted Blue w/ Eco-friendly white print

Size: 60 x 60 cm

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