'Spasibo' / 'Cпасибо' Musette bag

28 USD

'Spasibo' / 'Cпасибо' Musette bag

'Spasibo' / 'Cпасибо' is a Russian world that translates 'Thank you' in English. It's taken from my 'Thank you' series.
One of the many ways to say thank you in Russia is to give flowers with odd number of petals only. Cпасибо!

*Simply an uber cool musette bag for daily use and many occasions (e.g. attending concerts, parties, beaches, malls, ootds, selfies, you name it).

24 x 30 cm

Taslan polyester
Polyflex Print Graphic
Adjustable strap with red plastic buckle (136 cm)
Durable inside pocket (18 x 13.5 cm)
Snap button closure

1 x 'Spasibo' waterproof vinyl sticker